Global IOT Access Technology

Wireless sensors and applications

Focus on wireless sensor development to provide modular edge cloud computing applications for the Industrial Internet.

RF front end

A variety of high-frequency duplexers, antenna switches, power RF amplifiers and other wireless components have been introduced, which have been widely used in military, civilian equipment and three major operators.

Wireless module

Mainly engaged in the development and production of wireless 4G, NB-iot, WIFI and other modules, launched a variety of 5G modules, industrial IoT wireless modules, artificial intelligence (image recognition, voice recognition) wireless modules, microwave measuring instruments.

Industrial internet

Mainly engaged in industrial information transformation and information security system research and development, launched 5G industrial Internet gateway, nuclear power equipment information collection and data analysis, working condition diagnosis and other information security systems.

5G terminal

Focus on smart city high-end cloud computing software and production of 5G routers, wireless sensors, intelligent fire, intelligent transportation, smart meters (water and electricity), intelligent agriculture and positioning equipment production and information services.

Consumer Electronics

Products cover wireless core products, intelligent voice products, intelligent robots, routing and other core core products, and are gradually entering the mobile internet ...

Smart Meter

The smart water solution provides a series of ancillary products such as front-end NB-IoT modules, smart water meter solutions, cloud services, software services, and NB-IoT signal analyzers before installation to provide customers with comprehensive and three-dimensional services.

Software products and services

Promote the transformation of urban and industrial manufacturing into intelligent, digital and informational.

Industrial Internet Open Source Cloud

Promote the transformation of products and management of traditional hardware eco-manufacturing enterprises into intelligent, digital and informational, so that your products and brands can be fully displayed.


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CTUNITE NB-IoT ultra-low power consumption

CTUNITE developed a cloud-to-end

CT-UNITE launched the first IoT device installation tester

About Us

Our products are suitable for IoT applications in any industry, such as radar, electronic countermeasures, measurement and measurement, smart city, smart home.

Company Overview

China Science and Technology Jointly referred to as "Zhongke" CT-UNITE, was established in 2011 by the China University of Science and Technology Alumni team, formerly known as "National Microwave Laboratory". Main design of remote measurement and control communication algorithm, focusing on wireless components and wireless sensor products, focusing on RF front-end devices, wireless sensors, 5G industrial gateways, 5G routing and industrial Internet high-end software design...

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Development Path

In 2011, 14 CLP, 15 computing team, set up Hefei, military algorithm and radar component design; in October 2013, established Sino-Technology. Shenzhen; 2014 BTS antenna successfully entered Huawei, ZTE; 2015 MQTT+ Mosquitto+ TLS long-link mechanism cloud enters commercial use, self-developed wireless measurement and control equipment is put into use...

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The company's qualifications are state-level high-tech enterprises and state-level software companies. Received 100 grants, 9 software copyrights, police probes, transparent algorithm encryption systems, etc., received government funding (5 million yuan). Won the China Semiconductor Alliance unit, 4G smart antenna Huawei, China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center partner...

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