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Zhongke.CTUNITE developed a cloud-to-end "plug and play" NB smart water module based on open CPU, which has been put into commercial use

Release time:2020-12-31 18:11:41

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While NB-IoT technology has been commercialized on a large scale by domestic terminal manufacturers, new technologies are also evolving quietly. The NB-IoT ecology and intermediate links built by various manufacturers will be applied as the new technology of the NB open CPU architecture matures, and this ecological chain will also change accordingly.


The technical design of the terminal product module is changed from the original traditional dual-core architecture "MCU and NB-IoT modules use two independent units to complete internal processing and external data interaction" to "Now the mature Open CPU capabilities based on Boudica chips will assume the MCU The terminal design has evolved from dual cores to single cores.”

微信图片_20201229183735.pngopen CPU architecture smart water meter PCBA

Traditional smart water meter PCBA


After long-term research in the field of smart water affairs, the CTUNITE team found that in the smart water ecosystem built by NB-IoT technology, the communication protocols and hardware interfaces of smart water meters developed by various manufacturers are uneven and cannot be better compatible with original manufacturers. The sensors embedded in the base meter structure and provide water companies with lower-cost lightweight meter reading services; resulting in increased operation and maintenance costs for the downstream water companies, making the market more conservative in the large-scale commercial use of NB-IoT new technologies.

In order to solve the industry technical pain points and long-term operation and maintenance reliability problems in smart water applications, the Zhongke team developed an end-to-cloud and cloud-to-end "plug and play" based on open CPU architecture + cloud AI middleware Smart hardware modules, PCBA and "AI middleware". The product has been put on the market for two years for trial. After continuous technological improvement and market integration, it has successfully entered the commercial stage.

The AI+IOT middleware is compatible with the telecommunications IoT platform and the mobile OneNET-platform. The traditional base meter structure manufacturers only need to adapt their mature structural parts to Zhongke’s smart water meter PCBA to produce more mature technology. Intelligent water meter complete machine; provide water company with water volume collection data meter, which is more convenient to dock with the original meter reading system, so as to realize intelligent collection and light-weight operation and maintenance services.


The NB module and PCBA structure size currently put into commercial use are compatible with 80% of the water meter base meters recognized by the domestic market.


Compared with the traditional solution that uses two independent units of MCU+NB module combination, the smart water meter PCBA of the open CPU architecture of the Chinese scientific research system has more obvious terminal design advantages of the open CPU single-core architecture:

  • Lower cost: The peripheral materials are reduced, and the PCBA cost is reduced by 20%;

  • The quality is more stable and reliable: due to the reduction of components and interfaces, the product quality is more reliable and stable in a high-humidity environment;

  • Service function optimization: combined with open CPU to realize remote automatic maintenance and automatic meter calibration.


In addition, the Zhongke team also provides a series of intelligent remote meter reading remote control accessories and NB detectors for end customers. Help installation engineers to more easily locate the number of base stations of each operator, signal coverage, base station distance, signal strength, antenna direction and location of the wall where the installation is located. Just like the "compass" of a "feng shui master", "searching for dragons and dividing gold, fixing acupoints and fighting back" in one go.





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