RF front end
Main military algorithm and radar component design, microwave components, RF front-end device development.
Wireless module
Main research and development of wireless 4G, 5G, NB-iot, WIFI, other military custom communication modules.
Smart Meter
The smart water solution provides a series of ancillary products such as front-end NB-IoT modules, smart water meter solutions, cloud services, software services, and NB-IoT signal analyzers before installation to provide customers with comprehensive and three-dimensional services
5G terminal
It mainly develops high-end cloud computing software related to smart cities and produces 5G routers, wireless sensors, intelligent fire protection, intelligent transportation, smart gas meters, smart water meters, intelligent agriculture and positioning equipment production and information services.
Industrial internet
Focus on industrial information transformation and information security system development.
Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics products refer to electronic products for everyday consumer life. With electronic components, it has a high degree of automation. There are remote controllers, routers, cameras, USB sticks, etc.

RF front end

Diplexer 890086
Diplexer, High Attenuation, SAW
Package Size (mm): 5x5
Bandwidth (MHz): 20.46

Diplexer TQQ0101
Duplexer Bank–Diplexed Duplexer for BC1 / BC0, BAW / SAW

Diplexer 885030
Diplexed.Tx Filters for B38 / 40, BAW
Package Dimensions (mm): 2.0x1.5
Bandwidth (MHz): 2335/2595

Channel: 64 channels, U-Engine general purpose engine
Positioning accuracy: 2.5m CEP
Speed measurement accuracy: 0.1m/s

3.5G~6G power 5w PA
4x4mm 20-pin leadless SMT Package


Frequency range (GHz): DC-6

SDR 25km data transmission module

a) D data terminal
b) Ground data link + handheld terminal
Frequency range: L-band
Transmitting power: ≤2W
Communication distance: ≥25Km @flying height (30m ~ 300m)



ZK-1021-GPS It is a BDS/GPS/GLONASS/QZSS/SBAS high timing chip with high performance and high integration. The chip uses radiation. The integrated design of frequency and baseband integrates DC-DC, LDO, power management, POR, radio frequency processing, satellite digital baseband processing positioning and navigation, 32-bit RISC CPU, RAM, flash memory storage, Watchdog, timer, RTC, antenna status detection And short circuit protection circuit. The chip supports UART, I2C, SPI, SQI, GPIO, Ex_INT, 1PPS, programmable time stamp and other rich interfaces, and supports integrated navigation, A-GNSS, D-GNSS.


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