RF front end
Main military algorithm and radar component design, microwave components, RF front-end device development.
Wireless module
Main research and development of wireless 4G, 5G, NB-iot, WIFI, other military custom communication modules.
Smart Water
The smart water solution provides a series of ancillary products such as front-end NB-IoT modules, smart water meter solutions, cloud services, software services, and NB-IoT signal analyzers before installation to provide customers with comprehensive and three-dimensional services
5G terminal
It mainly develops high-end cloud computing software related to smart cities and produces 5G routers, wireless sensors, intelligent fire protection, intelligent transportation, smart gas meters, smart water meters, intelligent agriculture and positioning equipment production and information services.
Industrial internet
Focus on industrial information transformation and information security system development.
Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics products refer to electronic products for everyday consumer life. With electronic components, it has a high degree of automation. There are remote controllers, routers, cameras, USB sticks, etc.

Industrial internet

Wireless pressure sensor
Model: CT-FL06
Sensitivity: ≥%fˉs
Resolution: 0.1%
Voltage: 5V

24G radar sensor

Model: CT-24G05
Speed: 400KM Accuracy: 20 CM
Detections per minute: 500 times


Industrial temperature sensor

Model: CT-WD001
Temperature measurement: 40~125 degrees Resolution: 0.1% RH

Wireless PH sensor

Model: CT-PH02PH concentration measurement: PH0-14 Response: ≤5S

Industrial toxic gas sensor

Model: CT-JD0035V


Lidar sensor

Model: CT-JG002range: 360 degrees
detection times per minute: 180 times


Gamma ray detector

Model: CT-JK003
Speed: 1.52m/min
In-machine voltage: 900V
Checks per minute: 10~15K



IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band WLAN infrastructure
Size:59.8mm x 21.8mm x 8.5mm
2.4GHz/5GHz internal PA


Chip measurement robot system

Zhongke Industrial Systems has launched a wireless chip measurement and enhanced learning robot and production visualization solution with built-in 4G, 5G, NB-iot, 802.11ax 4x4 measurement system components and industrial equipment 5G signal acquisition gateway


Screw compressor intake butterfly valve test bench

Pressure range: input 0-1.45Mpa, output 0.2-1.0Mpa (can be adjusted according to demand) Power: 1.5KW Voltage: 220V
Subject: Air compressor intake Butterfly valve, hydraulic station, pressure test, equipment pressure adjustment. Environment: Lubricating oil temperature ≤80°C, viscosity ≤5~1500mm2/s, working pressure 0.28~1.45Mpa


Mainframe rotor overhaul

Zhongke Amyson Company provides 1-5 years warranty for the repaired rotor, and the user can obtain the expected rotor service life with one repair. During the warranty period, the rotor has a failure in efficiency, etc., and the company has provided repairs free of charge or exchanged the same rotor.


Air compressor maintenance engineering

Zhongke Amyson's customized maintenance solutions based on customer conditions can minimize the customer's operating costs and win the trust of customers with perfect service.


Air compressor frequency conversion energy-saving renovation project

Zhongke Amyerson successfully launched the frequency conversion transformation project to effectively solve the above two major problems, its value is reflected in five aspects: <1, saving 20% to 60% of electricity for enterprises;
Second, make the air compressor zero-speed smooth start, improve production safety;
Third, extend the service life of the air compressor;
Fourth, reduce noise; <5, stable system pressure.


Air compressor spare parts supply

Spare supply of well-known air compressors (Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, etc.)


NX-0901 vibration sensor

Range: 0 ~ 50mm / s

Output: Two-wire output 4 ~ 20mA (maximum load 500Ω)

Frequency response: 5Hz ~ 1000Hz (3db)


ZK-NBS01 vibration detection sensor

Trigger rate 100% (amplitude> 1mm; frequency: 20-100Hz)

Number of pulses> 50 / s

Life: 50,000 hours


ZK-TS-PT100 Surface mount temperature sensor

Temperature measurement range: -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃

Output form: Pt100 three-wire

Advantages: small size, low power consumption, easy installation and high accuracy.



Industrial 5G CPE Security Gateway

Size: 250 × 300 × 155mm

Support private network national secret algorithm and GRE, L2TP, 4 or more tunnel technologies


CT Unite M8-CPE

Dual-core 1GHz; MIPS1004Kc

512MB NAND (can expand 4GB)

Web interface management, remote management, SNMP, USB flash drive deployment


CT Unite M8-SLT

Support DNS, NAT, Bridge, ARP, Port Forwarding, IPV4, IPV6, RIP, FTP, SAMBA, VPN, DMZ, etc .;

Support U disk upgrade management



Dual-core 1GHz; MIPS1004Kc

Supports HTTPS, SSH, SSL

Support SM1 / 2/3/4 algorithm


CT Unite M8-AXB WiFi6 Smart Bridge

Size: 110×53×200mm

Rate VHT80, 2x2MIMO, peak 1200Mbps

Backward compatible with 11a/b/g/n/ac




CT Unite M8-AXBE WiFi6+5G Smart Bridge

Size: 110×73×263mm

5G NR: n78, n79, n41

11ax 2×2 2.4Ghz, 2×2 5Ghz

Rate VHT80, 2x2MIMO, peak 1200Mbps


Support SM1/2/3/4 algorithm



Remote image transmission SDR base station

Size: 85×70×26mm

Communication method: based on LTE wireless communication standard, own protocol

Rate: Maximum sharing rate 30Mbps



LoraWan base station

Lora frequency band: support 868Mhz or 923MHz

Communication method: 4G, BT wireless transmission

Beidou/GPS chip: TD1030

Positioning accuracy: <10m


  Software Products

CTUNITE·Industrial Information Monitoring System

Intelligent transformation of traditional industrial equipment, enabling equipment to be intelligent and informative, and intelligently transmitting equipment operation data to industrial information monitoring system through intelligent sensors and information acquisition modules to perform equipment operation status. Real-time monitoring and alarming.


CTUNITE·Smart grid information monitoring system

Monitor the residual current value, voltage value, load current and temperature value in the protected line, upload the data to the cloud monitoring system in real time through the industrial intelligent power intelligent monitor, and output the monitoring curve through the large screen in real time to ensure the industrial use. Electrical safety, I/O output is connected with intelligent air switch, which can automatically cut off power when alarming, and alarm to equipment management personnel through SMS and WeChat applet.


CTUNITE·Production cloud platform

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Dual Band WLAN infrastructure
Size:38.62mm x 23.59mm x 11mm
2.4GHz internal PA                                


CTUNITE·Enterprise Information Security Management System

Zhongke Cloud Service realizes the high integration of data flow, business flow and management flow, multi-dimensional, all-angle scientific analysis and handling of fire safety incidents, providing powerful training for fire safety assessment, hidden danger analysis and security policy configuration. Data support, you can view the weekly, monthly, and annual reports of IoT products.