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CT-Unite releases a number of SiP encapsulated UAV dedicated communication chip solutions

Zhongke CT-UNITE released Lite OS Hongmeng (HMS) cloud programmable AIoT instrument development board

Application of Zhongke's "AIoT edge computing embedded software" in smart meter reading

The new factory of Zhongke Alpha was completed! Based on a new starting point, start a new journey!

Zhongke.CTUNITE NB-IoT ultra-low power "plug and play" image recognition module put into commercial use

Zhongke.CTUNITE developed a cloud-to-end "plug and play" NB smart water module based on open CPU, which has been put into commercial use

Zhongke CT-UNITE team launched the first IoT device installation tester

CT-UNITE proposes to accelerate the promotion of 5G+ industry integration ecological construction in the western region

CTUNITE assists the intelligent lighting project in poor mountain areas