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Zhongke.CTUNITE NB-IoT ultra-low power "plug and play" image recognition module put into commercial use

Release time:2020-12-31 18:14:58


Based on the "NB-IoT open CPU architecture + cloud AI middleware", the CTUNITE team launched an ultra-low power consumption "plug and play" CNN image recognition IoT module (CT-M203). Standby power consumption is lower than 6uA, it uses 8000mAh battery, collects data once a day, and can work continuously for 15 years. At present, this module model has entered the stage of mass production. After large-scale application in the future, the price is expected to be less than US$5.


The CT-M203 CNN image recognition IoT module uses AI artificial intelligence image recognition technology to process and distribute the collected image data. Collect and transmit data from meters distributed in various places in the city to the city service operation and maintenance control center in a low-cost and high-efficiency manner, and realize a schematic comprehensive supervision of various equipment information in the city, and make scientific decisions for city managers. Provide effective auxiliary support to realize an integrated Internet of Things data service platform "based on data information, centered on command and dispatch, and targeted on decision-making and command".


In the Internet of Things era, with the vigorous advancement of national policies, sensing technology, transmission and information processing technology have been integrated into all aspects of production. Urban digitization, intelligence, and technical standardization have become important nodes to promote the renewal of smart cities. In the course of urban construction and development in my country, there are instruments and equipment produced in different eras in various periods, and these equipment have always maintained the operation of the production and life links of the entire city. With the advent of the Internet of Things era, the intelligent transformation of traditional instruments and equipment is an important process of sustainable development to realize the transformation of smart cities.


Driven by the IoT industry layout ecosystem, the core technologies of the IoT, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are still unpredictable scientific terms for many people, but in fact, AI artificial intelligence has already entered people's Life goes deep into all aspects of social governance, affecting thousands of families.

Based on image recognition Internet of Things technology, the CTUNITE team realized low-cost and high-efficiency digital acquisition and control of the meters arranged in various links in the city by adding modules to the old meters. It not only solves the problem of excessive waste caused by the current urban renewal process, but also breaks the traditional manual meter reading work model, and contributes to the digital transformation of enterprises.


Examples of old modified meters that have been put into commercial use

Software service: Support open API interface, terminal software can customize and edit business function modules.

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