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CT-UNITE proposes to accelerate the promotion of 5G+ industry integration ecological construction in the western region

Release time:2020-08-11 10:38:29


        On March 4, 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and proposed to focus on infrastructure construction on the technological side. Artificial intelligence has become an important one of the seven major sections of the "new infrastructure". Its essence is the construction of information digitization infrastructure, which is used to support the development of traditional industries in the direction of networking, digitization, and intelligence. Zhongke proposed a 5G+ industrial Internet construction project to accelerate the application and promotion of the region.


        1. New security: intelligent security dominates the three-dimensional prevention and control system 

        In the process of modern urbanization, there has been a large number of floating populations, resulting in complex public security issues. "Seeing" and "seeing clearly" have become the primary conditions for solving early urban public security problems. With the development of 5G technology and the continuous advancement of safe city construction projects, the construction goals are also covered by the simple and rude cameras of the early days, and the focus on the analysis capabilities of cameras and the construction of a three-dimensional prevention and control system is not only hardware construction. It will also include software construction such as analysis and applications. Low-light cameras, high-altitude panoramic cameras, face recognition cameras, high-altitude parabolic cameras and other equipment can be used for security surveillance from different dimensions, but how to use them well needs to be more scientific and closer. The information system of the actual combat business is realized.” CT-UNITE has launched a 5G CPE gateway that can reach 10Gbps upstream and downstream, which can effectively meet the needs of intelligent transportation, urban construction monitoring, intelligent street lights and data edge computing capabilities, and public area networks. Coverage and other large-scale application scenarios, reduce outdoor wiring, optical fiber maintenance and the installation and construction of original old facilities, not only occupy public areas, but also cannot effectively guarantee security. It is recommended to promote a batch of urban security monitoring in Guangxi to first adopt 5G equipment Replacement of data transmission.

        2. New smart terminal: 5G+ smart meter reading

        CT-UNITE has launched a 5G+ remote meter reading pilot application in Nanning. The application product meter measurement has been launched on 40,000 units. It uses 5G+ sensing and other technologies to automatically read and process meter data. A system for comprehensively processing water, electricity, and gas information. Automatic meter reading technology enables water, electricity, gas companies and property management departments to fundamentally solve the troubles caused by meter reading fees to users and meter readers, and avoid many unnecessary disputes. An accurate and convenient charging system can not only improve the work efficiency of the management department, but also meet the needs of modern users for payment of water, electricity and gas, improve people’s livelihood, activate the output value of enterprises and local regional economic development under the influence of the epidemic, and create a unified Approval of local characteristics of old-for-new 5G intelligent meter reading equipment and ecological construction.

        3. New application: 5G + Industrial Internet

        CT-UNITE has built a 5G+ industrial interconnection demonstration application factory in Liangqing District, Nanning, and it has been put into use. The production efficiency has been significantly increased by 30%, and the production data has been effectively applied to meet customer customized production needs. Leading enterprises in Guangxi should be vigorously supported to create benchmark application scenarios for "5G + Industrial Internet", carry out pilot demonstrations of "5G + Industrial Internet", and accelerate the construction of a "5G + industry application" multi-scenario, multi-industry, and multi-field integrated ecological environment.

        "5G+Industrial Internet" has become the "new infrastructure" that drives economic growth. The digital demand in all walks of life is increasing. The manufacturing industry is especially in urgent need of digital transformation to improve production efficiency and reduce the adverse effects of the epidemic. In a sense, data is productivity, and the development and construction of "5G + Industrial Internet" is of great significance to the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. Promote industrial symbiosis and value co-creation, so as to achieve regional ecological win-win.

  With the advent of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, policy support, and at the same time, with the development and improvement of advanced technologies such as 5G Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, as well as the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology, new models and concepts continue to emerge , The construction of 5G+ industrial Internet is imminent, and it is also a new development opportunity.