Artificial intelligence voice array microphone module

Based on the soft and hard integration of the core technology of the front-end noise reduction of the University of Science and Technology, it is easy to pick up the effective sound within 5 meters and realize the 360° sound source positioning

Artificial Intelligence CNN&RNN Identification Module

Support RNN: Language Recurrent Neural Network
Support CNN: Visual Convolution Neural Network

SDR 25km data transmission module

a) D data terminal
b) Ground data link + handheld terminal
Frequency range: L-band
Transmitting power: ≤2W
Communication distance: ≥25Km @flying height (30m ~ 300m)

ZK-52X-SY (artificial intelligence voice module)

Size: 23.5×23.5×2.4mm


Zhongke customized speech algorithm operator

DSP+Neural Network Processor