Riding Guardian (Vehicle Intelligent Anti-theft Locator)

Adopt Beidou + GPS dual-star positioning method, which can accurately and real-time collect vehicle position and status information 24 hours a day; adopt the latest NB-lot communication method, while supporting traditional CDMA and GPRS; upload the vehicle's various Users can query vehicle anti-theft, positioning, and sports data through the mobile APP. Supervisors can query vehicle violations and alarms through the mobile APP. Adopt dual power system with high voltage protection module, suitable for most two-wheeled and three-wheeled electric vehicles on the market.

ZK-NG201 GPS-NB Micro Positioner

Size: 67 × 51 × 25mm

Beidou / GPS chip: TD1030

Waterproof design: IP65 rainproof

Positioning accuracy: <10m

ZK-ZNJK V1.0 Intelligent monitoring of industrial power (basic version)

Size: 137 × 97 × 64mm

Communication method: 4G wireless transmission

External interface: CAN, USB, ADC


CT-ZQ01 is a multifunctional acquisition terminal, which is mainly used to collect the voltage, current and working condition data of the monitored equipment, analyze the equipment usage, equipment operating status, equipment aging monitoring, remote monitoring, remote shutdown, equipment and operation through cloud computing. Personnel association, startup rights management, etc.