WIFI 2.4G+ 5G & BT 4.1

Main control chip: MT7662U

Size: 26.9mm×13mm×2.4mm

Maximum rate up to 867Mbps

Antenna: WIFI 2T2R & BT 1T1R

ZK-7668E-MV200 V1.0

WIFI 2.4G+ 5G & BT 5.0

Size: 15mm×13mm×1.8mm

Interface: Reset×1; USB2.0×1; PCIE×1

Antenna: WIFI 2T2R & BT 1T1R

ZK-7668U V1.40

WIFI 2.4G+5G & BT 5.0

Main control chip: MT7668AUN, MT7668BUN, MT7668GUN

Size: 27mm×13mm×2.4mm

Interface: Reset×1; USB2.0×1; GPIO×1


Industrial drone communication module

Main control chip: CT-M9 (CTUNITE)

Transmission distance: 400~500 meters

Maximum number of AP access: 16