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Zhongke CT-UNITE released Lite OS Hongmeng (HMS) cloud programmable AIoT instrument development board

Release time:2022-09-05 16:25:49

    The platform is a software development and smart meter hardware debugging platform based on the AIoT "artificial intelligence Internet of Things" edge computing plug-ins in the third-generation open CPU NB-IoT module of CT-UNITE.

    This platform can simulate and maintain the stability experiments of various indicators of smart meters in the remote application scenario of the Internet of Things, complete remote data verification and software simulation and debugging of sensor acquisition interfaces, so as to shorten the time for the development of smart meter circuit boards and product launch. At the same time, it solves the data maintenance and batch simulation management problems of products in remote environment applications.


    The third-generation open CPU NB-IoT development and test platform provides a more convenient one-stop test experiment and program development environment for R&D engineers and AIoT enthusiasts. It is an important development kit for remote maintenance and cloud programming and debugging.

    The kit supports the Hongmeng Open Harmony OS open source operating system environment, while debugging various sensors and circuit design verification in IoT products for developers.

    You can also use the existing image recognition technology of Zhongke to collect images of various instruments, so that your products can quickly realize the application of AIoT in IoT products and experience the interesting experience brought by artificial intelligence.

    Experts, engineers and IT enthusiasts in the metering industry are welcome to choose and communicate, and jointly contribute to the localized Hongmeng Open Harmony lightweight embedded open source operating system.


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