Receiving performance

Electrical parameters

Channel: 64 channels, U-Engine general purpose engine

Frequency point: GPS L1, BDS B1

Positioning mode: dual system joint positioning, single system independent positioning

Positioning accuracy: 2.5m CEP

Speed measurement accuracy: 0.1m/s

Sensitivity: Tracking -161dBm, capture -147dBm

Data update rate: 1Hz


Power supply: 1.8V

Power consumption: about 90mW@1.8V (continuous tracking)

Portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature: -40° C to +85° C

Storage temperature: -45° C ~ +90° C

RoHS compliant

TFBGA49 : 4.0x4.0x1.14mm Pitch 0.5mm

Built-in SPI Flash


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