ZK-TS-PT100 Surface mount temperature sensor

Product name: Surface mount temperature sensor

Product introduction: ZK-TS-PT100 surface-mount temperature sensor, support -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ temperature measurement, Pt100 three-line output, meet the temperature monitoring requirements of offline environment, the market end is widely used in various industries, the product end can be used with other All products are combined to meet the needs of temperature monitoring.

Product advantages

1. Small size, low power consumption, increase product content.

2. There are many application scenarios, which mainly meet the measurement requirements of room temperature and ordinary working environment.

3. Easy to install and high precision.

Technical configuration and performance

product name

Surface mount temperature sensor



Temperature measurement range


Output form

Pt100 third line

Scope of application

Widely used for temperature measurement in power, petroleum, building materials, scientific research and other industries

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