SDR 25km data transmission module

SDR 25km data transmission module


Product introduction

The SDR 25km data transmission module is mainly used for D-ground wireless communication. On the one hand, it can send remote control commands to control and command air platforms and air mission loads; on the other hand, it can also transmit the video images and telemetry data detected by D to ground equipment. The above display is for ground personnel to grasp the scene situation. The data link has the advantages of strong real-time performance, good reliability and high security, and is an important link to realize command automation.


Two-way communication, real-time sending and receiving, electromagnetic compatibility of the whole system, anti-interception, anti-interference, system self-check 

Technical configuration and performance

product name

SDR 25km data transmission module


D carrier data terminal  

Ground data link + handheld terminal

physical dimension



Frequency Range


transmit power



Communication distance

≥25Km @ flight altitude (30m~300m)


①Uplink transmission delay ≤50ms (the time required for the whole process of the ground terminal sending the command to D, and D receiving the command)

② Downlink transmission delay ≤ 180ms (the time required for the D-carrying data terminal to collect the image and compress it and send it to the ground terminal to complete the entire process of image display)

communication rate

Downlink: 2Mbps; Uplink: 64kbps; Total network rate: 8Mbps

multiple access


work system



Omnidirectional Antenna, Monopole Antenna

Gain: ≤-1dB

Standing wave ratio: ≤1.5

Polarization method: vertical polarization

Directional antenna

Gain: ≤5dB; VSWR: ≤1.5

Polarization method: vertical polarization

Elevation:<60°; Azimuth: <30°

maximum flight speed


flight altitude

Maximum flight height≤300m; Minimum flight height≥30m

Power consumption



powered by(Powered by lithium battery)



battery life




≤130g(including antenna and feeder)

≤900g(including antenna and battery)

Operating temperature


storage temperature


Relative humidity


Rainproof ability

Consider the aircraft as a whole

Works well in light rain conditions

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)



mean time to repair (MTTR)


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