Vehicle Intelligent Anti-theft Locator

Product name: Riding Guardian

Product introduction: Using Beidou + GPS dual-star positioning method, it can accurately and real-time collect vehicle position and status information 24 hours a day; using the latest NB-lot communication method, while supporting traditional CDMA and GPRS; uploading to the cloud service platform in real time Various information of the vehicle, users can query the vehicle anti-theft, positioning, sports data and other information through the mobile APP, and supervisors can query vehicle violations, alarms and other information through the mobile APP. Adopt dual power system with high voltage protection module, suitable for most two-wheeled and three-wheeled electric vehicles on the market.

Product features: (BeiDou + GPS) dual-star positioning, 24-hour supervision, mobile phone query record (convenient), dual power system.

Technical configuration and performance

product name

Riding Guardian (Vehicle Intelligent Anti-theft Locator)



Frequency band

Supports LTE bands 3, 5, 8

Positioning parameters

Beidou / GPS chip: TD1030

GPS frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz C / A code

Beidou frequency: B1,1561.098MHz

Positioning accuracy:<10m

Positioning time: ① average hot start: ≤5s; ② average cold start: ≤60s.

Communication parameters

UIM card: Card (NANO)

Communication method: MQTT

Alarm parameters

MBlue alarm chip: ultra-low power consumption, all-weather detection

Vibration alarm: Vibration alarm occurs when the vehicle is acc off

Displacement alarm: vehicle alarm occurs when acc off

Power failure alarm: device and battery disconnect alarm

Response time: average response time is less than 10 seconds (start data upload)

power input

DC 8V-100V, input surge voltage protection

Built-in battery

1200mAh rechargeable battery

Waterproof design

IP65 rainproof

Application Environment



Built-in GPS high gain ceramic antenna, CDMA custom antenna

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