NB-IoT intelligent manhole cover safety monitoring system

NB-IoT intelligent manhole cover safety monitoring system

According to the characteristics of urban manhole cover, fully integrated with the actual application scenarios, suitable for local conditions, through the NB-IOT wireless cloud sensor public network and other networking methods, the "city manhole cover" intelligent real-time monitoring Internet of Things system can be quickly realized without wiring. The deployment greatly reduces the construction time of the real-time monitoring system and reduces the implementation cost of the system. It realizes the functions of monitoring, real-time alarm, automatic inspection and timely disposal of the manhole cover state (opening, displacement, tilting), ensuring safe operation, further improving the informationization and intelligence level of municipal management, and laying a foundation for industrial application for smart cities.

NB-IoT intelligent manhole cover safety monitoring system cloud platform

The main functions of each part of the system:

1. Manhole cover alarm: collect the data of the manhole cover and upload it in time.

2, mobile APP: provide manhole cover location information and alarm information and dispatch service (regulators and staff can use, different permissions)

3, cloud service platform: store data, manage alarm information, monitor the current status of the manhole cover, etc.

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