ZK-2480A-XF V1.3K

Product name: Smart Bluetooth Voice Remote

Product introduction: It is an intelligent voice interaction software and hardware integrated product. Users only need to talk with the intelligent voice remote control to realize free channel switching, network-wide video search, program review, query, playback control, application games, etc. Common functions, search speed as fast as 0.2 seconds, the elderly and children can easily get started.

Product advantages: low power consumption, voice control, 360-degree dead angle-free operation

Technical configuration

product name

Smart Bluetooth Voice Remote


ZK-2480A-XF V1.3K



Total number of keys

16 keys (1 voice key + 15 regular keys)

Electrical performance and specifications of remote control



Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure


Environmental illuminance

Natural light or fluorescent light 200 ± 50LX

storage temperature


Plastic material

ABS raw material (without water inlet), thickness ≥2.0 mm

Remote style

China Mobile Collection

using electric

AAA 1.5V×2

Infrared wavelength


Carrier frequency


Rated working voltage


Working current

I≤25mA (average value)

Quiescent Current


Working voltage range

2. 25V~3.75V

Infrared 0 degree working distance


Infrared undervoltage (2.5V) state working distance


Button free height


Height after key press


Bluetooth control distance


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