CTUNITE smoke system fire cloud background

Zhongke Fire Protection Solution

Zhongke equipment data collection, data transmission, big data analysis and other information technology in one, is a fire-fighting IoT cloud platform launched for the current situation of frequent fires. Realize efficient transmission from the scene to the cloud, from the cloud to the APP and the Web, and carry out multi-dimensional intelligent detection, analysis, alarm, counter control, maintenance and other security management. To realize the pre-warning of fire safety hazards, the alarm in the event, and the management after the event, to curb the solution to the serious accident.

Big data analysis:

Zhongke Cloud Service realizes the high integration of data flow, business flow and management flow, scientific analysis of multi-dimensional and full-angle, and handling fire safety incidents, providing powerful data support for fire safety assessment, hidden danger analysis and security policy configuration. You can view weekly, monthly, and annual reports for IoT products. You can also download and print device information and reports.

Communication protocol meets DL/T645-2007

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Relative humidity: less than or equal to 95%

Extreme working temperature -40 ° C

Rated working pressure: 22V

Normal working temperature: -025°C~+55

Weight: 0.9kg

Power consumption: ≤105W

Dimensions: 160mm × 112mm × 71mm

Implementation standards: GB/T17215.301-2007, DL/614-2007, Q/GDW356-2009, Q/GDW358-2009, Q/GDW356-2009

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