Mainframe rotor overhaul

The company has a 1-5 year warranty on the repaired rotor, and the user can get the expected rotor life in one repair. During the warranty period, the rotor has a failure in efficiency, etc., and the company has provided repairs free of charge or exchanged the same rotor.

Maintenance of oil-free screw rotor

         The repair process of the rotor is determined according to the different damage forms of the rotor. The most serious damage is the serious damage of the screw caused by the damage of the bearing, the deformation of the screw shaft end is curved; or the surface of the screw and the casing is seriously corroded, and the sealing line of the screw is seriously damaged. When repairing the screw, it is necessary to repair the size of the missing metal of the process screw and then perform precision machining. The surface of the screw is processed, and finally the processing of the high temperature resistant coating is carried out; the repair of the shell is also repaired by a special process, and then the surface of the rust pit is repaired and processed by a precision boring machine. The assembly of the rotor requires more precise operation, ensuring that the assembly clearance is fundamental to ensure rotor efficiency and normal operation.


Repair of oil-injected screw rotor

         It is generally necessary to take preventive maintenance, that is, it cannot wait until the bearing is damaged, causing the screw and the casing to wear out, and then repairing, so that the maintenance cycle, maintenance difficulty and maintenance cost will increase. Generally, different maintenance intervals are established according to the model, and maintenance is performed before the bearing is damaged. This maintenance cycle is short and the cost is controllable. Preventive maintenance cycles range from a minimum of 15,000 hours to a maximum of 40,000 hours, depending on the model.




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