The advanced intelligent wireless measurement and control system is only 10% of the test cost of the peer.

In early 2015, the first 70M~6GHZ automated measuring instrument system was successfully put into mass production. Up to now, 60 instruments have been assembled, and the daily output is 200,000 (PCS). The market price of similar instruments is 300,000 yuan/unit; indirect The company directly reduced the investment of 18 million yuan to create an intelligent wireless measurement and control system with independent intellectual property rights.


Test method: protocol test

Test frequency: 70MHZ~6GHZ

Test efficiency: 8PCS/10 seconds each time

Test products: NB-IOT, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G wireless module

Capacity / 1H: 20,000 (PCS)

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