ZK-YG01 Independent Photoelectric Smoke Fire Detection Alarm

Product name: Independent Photoelectric Smoke Fire Alarm

Product introduction: A photoelectric sensor with a special junction design, combined with a reliable MCU, can effectively detect the smoke generated during the early smoldering stage or after generation. In addition to the on-site buzzer alarm, the implementation status is uploaded to the cloud through the NB module, and in cooperation with the Zhongke Fire Cloud Platform, it can realize the SMS, public number alarm for users, businesses and management agencies bound to the smoke alarm, while providing WeChat The program performs status inquiry and online processing on the device. Widely used for smoke detection and alarm in various places.

Product features: high sensitivity, stable and reliable, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, easy to use

Technical configuration and performance

product name

Independent smoke detection fire alarm



physical dimension



About 135g (including battery)

Supply voltage

 3.6V lithium battery

Sound pressure level

≥80dB (3 meters in front)

Frequency band

Supports LTE bands 1,2,3,5,8,20,25,26,28

Quiescent Current


Alarm current


Battery Life

3 years

NB sensitivity


NB maximum transmit power

 23dBm±2 dBm   

Operating temperature


Relative humidity


Output form

Sound and light alarm, NB cloud platform alarm

Protected area

In general places, when the space height is below 6m, the protection area is 40 ㎡

Application area

Suitable for factories, homes, shops, computer rooms, warehouses, etc.

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