Vehicle intelligent anti-theft locator

Sensor parameter
Communication parameters

Solution composition: NB-IOT module + PCBA

GPS/Beidou chip: TD1030

GPS frequency: L1, 1575, 42MHz C/A code

Beidou frequency: B1, 1561.098MHz

Positioning accuracy:<10m

Positioning time:

Average hot start: ≤5s

Average cold start: less than or equal to 60s

Communication standard:-

Frequency band:-

Transmit power:-

Receiving sensitivity:-

UIM card: card (NANO)

Communication method: MQTT

Alarm parameter
Other parameters

MBlue alarm chip: ultra low power, all weather detection

Vibration alarm: The vehicle has a vibration alarm when it is off

Displacement alarm: the vehicle moves alarm when it is off

Power failure alarm: device and battery disconnect alarm

Response time: The average response time is less than 10 seconds (start data upload)

Power input: DC 8V-100V, input surge voltage protection

Built-in battery: 320mAh rechargeable battery

Waterproof design: IP65, rainproof

Application environment: -20 ° C ~ +80 ° C

Antenna: GPS high gain ceramic antenna, communication system custom antenna

(Note: Communication parameters vary according to the selected NB, GSM, CDMA, etc.)

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