Integrated electrical fire monitoring detector

Program Name:

In line with the State Grid Corporation's single-phase smart energy meter type specifications and technical specifications

An Introduction:

The integrated electrical fire detector integrates functions such as line current, residual current, temperature, voltage, and electricity metering into one. It has its own NB-IOT data transmission function. It does not need auxiliary equipment to directly access the Internet of Things platform, and supports APP/ The web side performs various parameter adjustments.


High integration, network, high intelligence, LCD Chinese LCD display, standard 35mm rail installation.

Configuration information:

Communication protocol meets DL/T645-2007

Rated frequency: 50HZ Relative humidity: less than or equal to 95% Extreme working temperature -40°C

Rated working pressure: 22V Normal working temperature: -025°C~+55 Weight: 0.9kg

Power consumption: ≤105W Dimensions: 160mm × 112mm × 71mm

Implementation standards: GB/T17215.301-2007, DL/614-2007, Q/GDW356-2009, Q/GDW358-2009, Q/GDW356-2009


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