Integrated electrical fire monitoring detector

Integrated Electrical Fire Detector

Product introduction

The all-in-one electrical fire detector integrates data collection functions such as over-line current, residual current, temperature, voltage, and electricity metering. It has its own NB-IOT data transmission function. Adjust various parameters on the web side. It meets the requirements of the State Grid Corporation of China's single-phase smart energy meter type specifications and technical specifications.


High integration, networking, high intelligence, LCD Chinese liquid crystal display, standard 35mm rail installation.

Technical configuration and performance

The communication protocol meets DL/T645-2007

Rated frequency: 50HZ Relative humidity: less than or equal to 95% Maximum operating temperature -40℃

Rated working pressure: 22V Normal working temperature: -025℃~+55 Weight: 0.9kg

Power consumption: ≤105W Dimensions: 160mm×112mm×71mm

Executive standards: GB/T17215.301-2007, DL/614-2007, Q/GDW356-2009, Q/GDW358-2009, Q/GDW356-2009

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