Camera water meter

Split structure, zero error, high waterproof performance

Easy installation, deep learning, abnormal alarm

Real-time point copying, remote management: support time-point copying, real-time manual manual copying, round-robin monitoring and other meter reading programs.

Image capture, intelligent recognition: the use of advanced image sensors to capture the meter wheel image, through the advanced artificial intelligence image recognition technology (alpha eye), 100% copy of the water data can be achieved.

Efficient transmission, convenient check: The advanced 3GPP communication means is used to transmit the compressed picture to realize real-time check of the background cloud storage.

The structure is independent and the installation is convenient: the camera module structure is designed independently, and any manufacturer and model of the instrument can be installed and operated on site, without the need to replace and modify the original instrument. The reading window is user-friendly and convenient for manual comparison.

Waterproof and moisture proof, antifreeze and heat resistance: the mechanical part is completely separated from the electronic part, the metering part is not afraid of high temperature and damp heat, the electronic part has high waterproof level up to IP68 standard, and the normal working temperature is -20-70 degrees.

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