ZK-WM-NBC203 camera water meter

NB-IOT Image Recognition Water Meter


Product introduction

It is applied to the upgrade of traditional water meters and old meters. The traditional MCU+NB mode is integrated into a single NB module, and the NB module acts as the MCU, which has lower power consumption; it has camera and image recognition functions, and can remotely obtain water meter images for image recognition. , the captured image is based on ARM-Cortex M4NB-iot open CPU cloud programmable operating system + image recognition algorithm combined with cloud imaging technology to achieve meter reading, users can monitor the status of the water meter in real time through the water meter platform or mobile APP; with infrared transmission function , can use infrared instrument to wake up; with vibration sensing function, the vibration function can be changed according to customer needs.


Simple construction, no demolition and renovation, ultra-low power consumption, image recognition, intelligent IoT, no debugging and maintenance.

Technical configuration and performance

product name

NB-IOT Image Recognition Water Meter





Power supply

3.6V battery powered

Static power


One-time reporting of energy consumption

<2 mA.h

communication method

NB-IOT communication



report regularly


Electromagnetic Compatibility Level

Class B

temperature conditions

①Ambient temperature: -25~+70℃;

②Storage temperature: -40~+85℃

Waterproof level


typical application

15mm - 25mm code word water meter

Number of photos taken

< 10K

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