Industrial 5G CPE Security Gateway

Zhongke.CT-UNITE "Industrial 5G CPE Security Gateway" adopts multi-card aggregation communication algorithm technology (4G compatible 5G SA independent, NSA non-independent networking) 4 cellular data cards downlink speed up to 600Mbps~6.8Gbps with quad-core 1.2G Industrial processor chip, combined with multi-PA power amplifier and low-noise circuit design, network coverage of up to 800 square meters, can be widely used in traffic ETC, public security, urban public network coverage, large industrial enterprise security communication system.

Storage: 512MB NAND (4GB expansion)

Voltage: 220V, built-in high power safety power supply

WIFI: 802.11ax ac b g n 4X4/8X8MU-MIMO, 1.733Gbps~6.97Gbps

Support HTTPS, SSH, SSL, support the National Secret SM1/2/3/4 algorithm, firewall, blacklist, AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication, ICMP anti-attack, PKI

Wireless: Supports 400~600 IP access at the same time

Industrial grade waterproof design, support for lightning electromagnetic pulse protection and overvoltage and overcurrent protection

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