NB-IoT door and window alarm

Product Name: NB-IoT Door and Window Alarm

Product introduction: NB-IoT door and window alarm, mainly used for anti-theft and gate access control. Working principle: The distance between the alarm host and the magnetic stripe is more than 15mm, the alarm will immediately sound an alarm and at the same time send an alarm message to the mobile phone. The mobile phone (mini-program / APP) can be armed and disarmed with one click, and the status of the door sensor switch can be checked in real time. Can be used indoors / outdoors.

Product advantages:

1. Easy installation and simple operation

2.Remote monitoring, real-time alarm, all-weather detection

3. Anti-removal and anti-theft

4. Ultra-low energy consumption

Technical configuration and performance:

product name

NB-IoT door and window alarm

Effective detection gap

Up to 16mm

Network support

China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom

Transmission distance

Carrier network coverage

Operating temperature


Working humidity


Built-in battery

Supports normal use for 1 year, replaceable


ABS flame retardant and UV resistant material, resistant to high temperature and corrosion

Waterproof design

IP65 waterproof

Installation method

① Double-sided tape is applied; ② Screws are fastened.

Alarm parameters

Open the door to trigger the alarm: the indicator light flashes, the mobile phone alarms

Alarm method: WeChat message, SMS notification

Response time: average response time is less than 10 seconds (start data upload)

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