RF front end
Main military algorithm and radar component design, microwave components, RF front-end device development.
Wireless module
Main research and development of wireless 4G, 5G, NB-iot, WIFI, other military custom communication modules.
Smart Water
The smart water solution provides a series of ancillary products such as front-end NB-IoT modules, smart water meter solutions, cloud services, software services, and NB-IoT signal analyzers before installation to provide customers with comprehensive and three-dimensional services
5G terminal
It mainly develops high-end cloud computing software related to smart cities and produces 5G routers, wireless sensors, intelligent fire protection, intelligent transportation, smart gas meters, smart water meters, intelligent agriculture and positioning equipment production and information services.
Industrial internet
Focus on industrial information transformation and information security system development.
Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics products refer to electronic products for everyday consumer life. With electronic components, it has a high degree of automation. There are remote controllers, routers, cameras, USB sticks, etc.

Smart Water

ZK-SSB201 NB-IOT camera water meter

Power supply: 3.6V battery

Static power consumption:<0.15 mW

Number of pictures:<10K


NB smart water meter

Electronic pulse-type water readings are obtained and managed by the NB reporting platform.

For new installation areas. Remote meter reading of water meters, collection and statistical analysis of real-time cumulative usage, calculation of user water consumption and calculation of water charges, each water usage can be checked and traced.

Remotely switch on and off the meter to prevent malicious arrears.

Provide user binding function, bind user contact method and payment method to water meter, which is convenient for management personnel to manage payment.

Provide alarms for abnormal operation of water meters, and provide alarms for illegal opening of water meters and reversed water meters to ensure water safety.



NB-IoT transmission

Sensitivity: -125dBm±1dB

Static power consumption: ≤15uA

Water meter, gas, electric meter used in old remodeling project



NB-IoT transmission

Sensitivity: -125dBm±1dB

Static power consumption: ≤12uA

Transmission power: ≤23dBm±2dB


ZK-SB-NBU Ultrasonic PCBA

NB-IoT transmission

Static power consumption: ≤15uA

GP30 metering chip

LCD Monitor


Embedded wall hanging pipeline machine PCBA

4G/NB-IoT transmission

Communication protocol: TCP/UDP/PPP/FTP/HTTP

Used in water quality parameter detection, water purification


NB-IoT signal analyzer

Support signals: mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications

Rate: DL 25.5kbps, UL 58.5kbps

Power consumption: 3uA@PSM 4mA@eDRX


Remote intelligent pipe network pressure detector

Measuring medium: non-corrosive liquid, gas

Working pressure range: 0~2.5MPa

Measurement error: ±3.0%FS

Response time: ≤2MS


Smart hot water meter

Billing accuracy 0.01 yuan

Timing accuracy 0.1 seconds

Material: Flowmeter and solenoid valve are copper

Waterproof rating: IP68


Intelligent hot water machine

Bluetooth +NB dual channel transmission

Card reading time: ≤0.2 seconds

Waterproof level: IP68

Card issue volume: unlimited


  Software Products

Smart Water Affairs Application System

Multi-dimensional intelligent system

Strong centralized control load capacity

No manual duty, no manual maintenance

Intelligent image recognition