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CT-UNITE Wireless Sensing Industrial Park settled in the signing ceremony of Nanning project

Release time:2019-09-22 05:49:52

  On September 21, at the time of the 16th China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Ma Shengheng, General Manager of China Science and Technology Union. CT-UNITE, was at the beautiful Nanning City Committee of the Nanning Municipal Committee. The Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Secretary of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee Wang Xiaodong, the Mayor of Zhou Hongbo, the Secretary General of Huang Ning, the Deputy Director of Liu Zhilie, the Deputy Mayor Zhu Huidong and the Vice President Chen Shiping, signed the “Framework Agreement for the Investment of Zhongke Wireless Sensing Industrial Park” with Wuxiang New District.



  After the signing ceremony, they will have dinner with the leaders of the Standing Committee of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee Wei Liping and the Wuxiang New District Management Committee, and the leaders and investment partners of the Thai Bank of Thailand.


  Wei Liping, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee, highly recognized and supported the industrial development prospects of the joint wireless sensor technology of Zhongke, and congratulated the cooperation project on its settlement in Nanning. At the same time, it made guiding suggestions for the “Zhongke Wireless Sensing Information Industry Park”. It is also very much expected that after the joint entry of China Science and Technology in Guangxi, through the effective combination of Zhongke wireless hardware technology and industrial Internet software, it will help Guangxi's smart city industry construction and intelligent manufacturing to develop at a high speed, and build a demonstration brand of wireless Internet of Things in Guangxi, leading the Internet of Things. The upstream and downstream enterprises invested in Nanning and built Nanning, and at the same time promised the Nanning Municipal Government to give the largest support to the taxation and related support policies of the imported investment enterprises.



  Zhongke Joint Plan plans to build an industrial Internet cloud computing center in Wuxiang New District, four chip-sealed lines and dozens of wireless modules and sensor intelligent production lines. The research institute is equipped with a national-level "wireless sensor network and communication laboratory" and two colleges, universities, research and research talents.

   Hardware technology research and development of wireless sensors and industrial IoT gateways, 5G CPE, industrial routers, three-meter engineering, intelligent transportation, smart street lights, car networking and other hardware products.

   Software technology development of industrial Internet, information technology, visualization, intelligent, digital high-end industrial plant information software and artificial intelligence algorithm design.

   "Zhongke Wireless Sensing Information Industry Park" is a joint research and development production headquarters of China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for the whole country and ASEAN. The products are mainly for smart cities and smart manufacturing, industrial internet, car networking and other M2M fields.

   Nanning, Guangxi is an international logistics hub for the “One Belt and One Road” of ASEAN. It has become an emerging strategic fulcrum and an international financial open portal and a free trade experimental zone in the southwest and south-central regions of the country. In the future, the park will strive to become a national and ASEAN-oriented wireless sensor hardware R&D and manufacturing base and an industrial Internet open source cloud computing demonstration center.