NB-IOT single-phase electronic energy meter

It complies with the technical specifications of the State Grid Electricity Meter, and has a built-in NB-IOT communication module, which allows traditional charge-controlled meters to have wireless transmission functions under the NB-IOT network, eliminating transmission equipment such as concentrators, and making meter reading easier and more efficient. With remote meter reading, insufficient balance alarm, remote valve control and other functions. At the same time, it also has the functions of time-sharing charging, electricity measurement and monitoring. Help to realize the functions of meter collection, online monitoring, big data analysis, and power informatization in the field of power meter reading. It can reduce the investment of a large number of personnel, improve operational efficiency, provide more targeted and scientific dynamic management, and bid farewell to the trouble of manual meter reading and the potential safety hazards caused by manual meter reading to power personnel.

Integrated electrical fire monitoring detector

Features: high integration, network, high intelligence, LCD Chinese LCD display, standard 35mm rail installation. Solution introduction: The integrated electric fire detector integrates functions such as line current, residual current, temperature, voltage and electric quantity measurement in one data collection, and comes with NB-IOT data transmission function...

ZK-YG01 Independent Photoelectric Smoke Fire Detection Alarm

The photoelectric sensor with a special junction design, combined with a reliable MCU, can effectively detect the smoke generated during the initial smoldering phase of the fire or after generation. In addition to the on-site buzzer alarm, the real-time status is uploaded to the cloud through the NB module. In conjunction with the Zhongke Fire Cloud Platform, it can realize the SMS, public number alarm for users, businesses and management agencies bound to the smoke alarm, and provide WeChat small The program performs status inquiry and online processing on the device. Widely used for smoke detection and alarm in various places.

ZK-ZNDX Zhongke Smart Electric Box

Size: 700 × 375 × 1700mm

Output circuit: 12

Communication method: CAN-BUS

Installation: rail mounting