NB Intelligent manhole cover sensor

Manhole cover detectors for urban roads, built-in gyroscopes to detect manhole cover rollover and other faults, and through the NB network reporting platform, the deployment of the "urban manhole cover" intelligent real-time monitoring IoT system can be quickly implemented without wiring, greatly reducing the construction time of the real-time monitoring system And reduce the implementation cost of the system. Realize the functions of monitoring the state of the manhole cover (opening, displacement, and tilt), real-time alarm, automatic inspection, and timely disposal to ensure safe operation, further improve the level of informationization and intelligence of municipal management, and lay the industry application foundation for smart cities.                   

NB-IoT intelligent direct drinking water valve control water meter

Remote automatic maintenance, automatic calibration

High sensitivity, high precision, drip can be measured

Diameter: 8mm (pure water)

Material: Stainless steel

Combined electrical fire monitoring detector

Scheme composition: CT-X100 + XE3112SWL + XE5130
Introduction: This scheme supports the acquisition of 1/2/4/8 channel temperature, residual current, line current, and three-phase AC voltage data detection. A variety of communication methods (default is NB-IOT communication mode), transmitted to the Internet of Things platform.

ZK-WM-NBC203 camera water meter

Power supply: 3.6V battery

Static power consumption:<0.15 mW

Number of pictures:<10K