Screw compressor intake butterfly valve test bench

Pressure range: input 0-1.45Mpa, output 0.2-1.0Mpa (can be adjusted according to demand) Power: 1.5KW Voltage: 220V
Subject: Air compressor intake Butterfly valve, hydraulic station, pressure test, equipment pressure adjustment. Environment: Lubricating oil temperature ≤80°C, viscosity ≤5~1500mm2/s, working pressure 0.28~1.45Mpa

Mainframe rotor overhaul

Zhongke Amyson Company provides 1-5 years warranty for the repaired rotor, and the user can obtain the expected rotor service life with one repair. During the warranty period, the rotor has a failure in efficiency, etc., and the company has provided repairs free of charge or exchanged the same rotor.

Air compressor maintenance engineering

Zhongke Amyson's customized maintenance solutions based on customer conditions can minimize the customer's operating costs and win the trust of customers with perfect service.

Air compressor frequency conversion energy-saving renovation project

Zhongke Amyerson successfully launched the frequency conversion transformation project to effectively solve the above two major problems, its value is reflected in five aspects: <1, saving 20% to 60% of electricity for enterprises;
Second, make the air compressor zero-speed smooth start, improve production safety;
Third, extend the service life of the air compressor;
Fourth, reduce noise; <5, stable system pressure.