CTUNITE·Water Management System

Using the intelligent NB water meter, remote meter reading of the water meter, collecting and statistical analysis of the real-time cumulative usage, calculating the user's water consumption and calculating the water fee, each water condition can be traced.

Smart Water Affairs Application System

Multi-dimensional intelligent system

Strong centralized control load capacity

No manual duty, no manual maintenance

Intelligent image recognition

NB-IoT intelligent manhole cover safety monitoring system

The main functions of each part of the system:
Well cover alarm: collect the data of the manhole cover and upload it in time
Mobile APP: Provide the position information of the manhole cover and the alarm information and dispatch service (both the supervisor and the staff can use, Different permissions)
Cloud service platform: store data, manage alarm information, monitor the current status of the manhole cover, etc.

CTUNITE vehicle intelligent anti-theft positioning security monitoring cloud platform

The platform includes a vehicle management system and a vehicle positioning system. The vehicle management system can provide information inquiry services such as vehicle condition and heat map; the vehicle positioning system can provide vehicle alarm service, location query service, and the like.