ZK-ARF-12V15 Regulated Power Adapter

Regulated Power Adapter



Product introduction

ZK-ARF-12V15A 18W/12V/1.5A regulated power adapter independently developed by CT-UNITE, which has passed the national 3C certification, is suitable for routers, switches, TV set-top boxes, light cats, LED desk lamps, audio, some charging equipment, etc. The interface is DC5.5 *2.1mm, devices with a power of 18W/12V/1.5A can be used.

Product advantages

1. Passed the national 3C certification, the quality is safe and reliable;

2. Stable and reliable, multiple protections, low power supply temperature rise, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection;

3. Built-in EMI electromagnetic filter, which can effectively suppress noise and improve anti-interference ability;

4. Use environmentally friendly materials, and product performance meets national standards;

5. The shell is made of flame retardant materials, which will not burn at 750 °C, and will not deform at 100 °C.

Technical configuration and performance

product name

12V/1.5A regulated power adapter





Input voltage

110-220V 50/60Hz



The output voltage


Output current

1.5A max

line length

1.2 meters

Interface Type


protection mechanism

Over voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection


Environmentally friendly PVC

Product fire rating

V0 level

safety certificate

CCC certification, RoHS environmental certification

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