NB-IOT single-phase electronic energy meter


(1) In line with the State Grid Corporation's single-phase smart energy meter type specifications and technical specifications

(2) It is manufactured by international advanced special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process, and the shutdown components adopt low-power and long-life devices of international famous brands.

(3) The whole machine design adopts a variety of anti-interference technologies, which can meet the requirements of EMC experiments such as pulse and static electricity.

(4) With 2 sets of rate period, the automatic switching of 2 sets of rate period can be realized through preset switching time, and at least 14 time zones can be set for each set of time period.

(5) At least 14 time slots can be set within 24 hours, with a minimum interval of 15 minutes.

(6) Positive power supply, reverse active energy metering function, and can be combined according to this, it can store the total energy of each 12 settlement days and the electric energy of each rate.

(7) With time-sharing measurement function, it can accumulate and store total, sharp, peak, flat and valley active energy according to the corresponding time period.

(8) It can measure, record and display the operating parameters such as voltage, current and power factor of the current energy meter.

(9) With freezing and power failure meter reading function, the threshold voltage is 0.6 rated voltage

(10) Support multiple communication methods: with infrared, RS485, NB-IoT communication

Configuration information:

Communication protocol meets DL/T645-2007

Rated frequency: 50HZ Relative humidity: less than or equal to 95% Extreme working temperature -40°C

Rated working pressure: 22V Normal working temperature: -025°C~+55 Weight: 0.9kg

Power consumption: ≤105W Dimensions: 160mm × 112mm × 71mm

Implementation standards: GB/T17215.301-2007, DL/614-2007, Q/GDW356-2009, Q/GDW358-2009, Q/GDW356-2009

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